Tianxia: Blood, Silk, & Jade

Tianxia is a Fate Core setting book specifically for playing wuxia & kung fu action stories. Players take on the roles of members of the jianghu, the sub-culture of wandering martial artists, and inevitably become embroiled in the problems that confront the places their journeys take them.

Tianxia introduces martial arts styles as a special rule. These styles, made from combining an elemental Form with an animal-or-mythical-beast-based Body, grant access to a set of specialized Stunts and a core Aspect for the style, which can then get free invocations when its types are favorable. It also adds the Chi skill, which can be used for free at the beginning of any fight to generate invocations of the Chi Armor aspect, allowing characters to absorb hits; the difficulty of this roll depends on the relative kung fu skill of the two sides, meaning that masters can easily deal with rabble.


To Live and Die in Bao Jiang
When your travels bring you to Jiangzou just as Princess Ju, a cousin of the emperor himself, is touring the province on his behalf, things predictably go wrong.

Getting the Game

You can get the PDF of the Tianxia book from DriveThruRPG . You can also order the book from Indie Press Revolution if you’d prefer the physical version.


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