Atomic Robo

Atomic Robo

Atomic Robo is a stand-alone game based on the Fate Core system, with a few additional modifications to bring it more into line with the feel of the comics. Players generally take on the roles of Action Scientists in the employ of Tesladyne, the company founded by the eponymous robot, who are tasked with solving a variety of super-science problems.

Atomic Robo introduces a simple character generation system based around organizing skills into Modes such as Science, Action, and Banter; each player selects 3, taking the resulting package of skills and modifying them based on overlap. Each Mode is also assigned to an Aspect, along with the standard Concept Aspect and an Omega aspect, which can be anything but is usually similar to a Fate Core Trouble. Characters can also have Weird Modes, such as Robo’s Robot, Dr. Dinosaur’s Dinosaur, and Jenkins’ Jenkins; in addition to a package of skills, these Modes also allow for the creation of Mega Stunts, which are especially powerful stunts which come at a variety of costs, not least of which is likely increasing the GM’s supply of fate points!

Add in a system for using science and investigation skills to Brainstorm up an answer to the strange science at issue, the use of the aforementioned Mega Stunts to define some of the hardware that you can borrow from Tesladyne (again, at the price of increasing the GM’s supply of Fate Points to spend on your opposition!), and some very nifty Faction tracking and collateral consequences subsystems for keeping track of how your actions help (or screw) Tesladyne, and you’ve got a recipe for Action Science!


I Hate the Vampire Dimension
You’re called out to a remote part of Montana on a report of abnormally violent rioting. Surely this will have nothing to do with the adventure title!

Getting the Game

You can get the physical book and PDF, or just the latter, from publisher Evil Hat. Or you can get the PDF alone from DriveThruRPG, as usual.

Atomic Robo

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