Star Wars - Force and Destiny

Elevator Pitch: Force sensitives in the shadow of the Empire try to figure out how to Jedi.

Core Mechanic: Skill, stat, & benefit + difficulty dice roll; subtract failures from successes & threats from advantages
p(. Dice Used: Special custom dice pools


Set in the period between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, Force & Destiny is one of the three Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight Games, focused on the adventures of those who, in happier times, might have been Jedi. You take on the roles of force sensitives, desperately trying to avoid an Empire that’s actively hunting them while recovering enough of the legacy the Jedi order left behind to learn to control their abilities, and perhaps achieve a greater destiny.

System Features

Characters have a handful of basic stats based on their choice of species, and a larger class which grants a few skills as class skills. You also choose a specialization, which gives access to a few new class skills and a talent tree, from which you can buy additional abilities. Additional specializations can be purchased, including specializations from other classes, expanding your list of class skills and available talents via their trees.

These skills and stats are used to build dice pools when performing actions, using the game’s custom 6, 8, and 12 sided dice. You take a skill and a stat, and compare them; whichever is higher determines the basic number of 8-sided green positive dice, while the lower upgrades some of them to 12-sided yellow positives (so, for instance, a character with Intellect 3 and Computers 1 would get 3 total positive dice, 2 green and 1 yellow). To this pool are added a set of 8-sided purple negative dice equal to the difficulty of task, some of which might be upgraded to 12-sided red negative dice, plus any 6-sided blue positive dice or 6-sided black negative dice to represent any situational advantages or disadvantages that might be in play. All the dice are rolled, and symbols representing success and failure are subtracted from each other, as well as symbols representing threats and advantages. If there are any successes left over, the action succeeds; if there are more advantages than threats, there’s also some sort of special situational bonus, defined either by a basic table or through narrative discussion. Thus, results can be success with advantages, failures with advantages, successes with threats, or failures with threats (the 12 sided dice also have triumphs and despairs—essentially critical success and failures).

Force powers are used by rolling 12-sided white force dice, which have black and white dots on them, representing the influence of the dark and light side of the force. Either of these can be used to power your force abilities, but using dark side points has a cost: taking strain, flipping a destiny point to the dark side, and potentially costing you morality and sending you towards becoming a dark side force user.


Mountaintop Rescue

It is a dark time in the galaxy. the JEDI ORDER has been destroyed and knowledge of the FORCE is all but lost. Only a handful of people sensitive to the Force remain, scattered across the stars, ignorant of their destiny.

Humble scholar Hethan Romund has preserved a fragment of the heritage of the Jedi. Traveling the galaxy, Romund stumbled across a number of people still strong in the Force and offered them what wisdom she could. Now, Romund has been captured by MALEFAX, a servant of the dark side of the Force. Compelled by Malefax to lead him to a lost temple rich in ancient knowledge, Romund has sent a signal to several of the Force-sensitive allies she has made over the course of her career.

Drawn together to rescue their mentor, these Force-sensitives now climb the snow-clad slopes of MOUNT TELLEC on the Outer Rim planet of Spintir . . .

Getting the Game

There is unfortunately no PDF version of the game available, but the basic game can be purchased from a variety of book and game stores as it’s in general release!

Star Wars - Force and Destiny

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