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Each Game Day will present a one-shot adventure in a new system. A copy of the game is not required to play; I’ll do my best to present an introduction to each sufficient to allow anyone to join in and have fun. Most sessions will use published scenarios; please don’t read ahead, and if you have read something that we’ll be playing, please don’t spoil it for anyone else!

Pregenerated characters will be provided for each game. I’ll make sure I have enough for everyone who’s signed up or otherwise indicated they’re coming (including people who’ve told me they’re bringing more!) plus a few extras just in case, but please try to make sure to confirm if you want to be sure you’ll get one. If you let me know ahead of time, I can try to arrange that a particular type of pregen is available, if something in the game is particularly exciting to you. If you have a copy of the game we’ll be playing and want to make your own character, let me know ahead of time so that we can make sure it’ll be something that fits the adventure we’ll be playing, and have it ready to go by the start of the game so we’re not spending extra time on character generation.

Also, when evaluating the games we play, please keep in mind that in a one shot format it’ll be hard to get the story/character progression features of various games into play. I’ll try to point out how they would work as much as I can, but just remember it’s an incomplete picture of a particular game. Obviously campaign play is outside the remit of this Game Day, but if you want to make or play a campaign of something we do, it’s a good place to find people who might also be interested in playing!

Game Pages

The following links go to pages featuring pitches for the various system I have that I’d like to have a go at. Each page contains information about the dice the system uses (if any), its basic resolution mechanics, a general description of its features, setting information for the adventure I’d want to run, and the title and a brief pitch for the adventure we’d be playing. It’s intended as a primer for figuring out which ones you want to vote for on months for months you can play!

  • 13th Age – A fantasy d20 game blending 3rd & 4th Edition D&D with a dash of storygame for flavor.
  • Costume Fairy Adventures – Fairies who get new powers and abilities just by changing their outfits to match the roles they want to fill engage in wacky shenanigans.
  • Star Wars – Force and Destiny – Force sensitives in the original trilogy era try to rediscover the legacy of the Jedi while learning to use the force.

Archive: Played Games

Here’s the write-ups for the games we’ve already played! We probably won’t revisit them under the ambit of the gameday unless there’s a really strong demand for something from people who missed it, but if you want to organize something yourself there’s probably people here who’d like to participate!

  • Clockwork – Dominion – Steampunk adventures in a version of the world where the supernatural ideas of the Victorian era are actually representative of reality.
  • Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish Granting Engine – Sort of like Kiki’s Delivery Service or My Neighbor Totoro as written by Jenna Moran of Nobilis fame.
  • Double Cross – An organization of people granted super powers by a mysterious virus defend ordinary people from those who it’s overcome from the shadows while trying not to become monsters themselves.
  • Dungeon World – Old school dungeon crawling through a modern story-game lens, using the Apocalypse Engine system.
  • Eclipse Phase – Transhuman horror in the not so distant future where human civilization has spread across the solar system but now hangs by a thread.
  • Fate Core – A generic system for playing pulp-ish action adventures, based around manipulating the Aspects that define the fiction you’re creating.
    • Kriegzepplin Valkyrie – Actual historical pilots on a zepplin aircraft carrier hunt for a German mad scientist just after WWI
    • Tianxia – Wuxia & kung fu action in pseudo-China
    • Atomic Robo – Action Scientists do Action Science in the world of the popular comic book series
  • Golden Sky Stories – Animals that can take human form try to help ordinary people with every day problems in a heartwarming style.
  • GUMSHOE – A system for mystery games by industry luminary Robin D. Laws.
  • Hillfolk – Drama System is about the relationships between the characters, creating a game that’s sort of like an HBO Original Series.
  • Iron Kingdoms – The Warmachine RPG, set in a fantasy world with guns and large mechanical fighting robots.
  • Legends of the Wulin – Wuxia action, where your entanglements with the world are as important as your kung fu.
  • Magicians – A Language Learning RPG – High school magic where students are sent to foreign countries to learn to cast magic using unfamiliar languages, where you actually cast spells by speaking Korean.
  • Numenera – Science Fantasy on an earth that’s seen civilization fall and rebuild 8 times in the past.
  • OVA Anime Roleplaying Game – Anime-inspired adventures of all sorts.
  • Ryuutama – Ordinary people embark on extraordinary journeys in a fantasy world. Hayao Miyazaki’s Oregon Trail.
  • Shadows of Esteren – On a peninsula isolated from the rest of the world, people struggle with conflicting philosophies and the dreadful things that lurk in the shadows in this French horror-fantasy game.
  • Tears of a Machine – Teen mecha pilots fight monsters and try to hold their lives and sanity together in the aftermath.
  • Tenra Bansho Zero – It’s every classic anime meets every classic samurai drama meets kabuki theater in a high action, high drama mix.
  • Through the Breach – Malifaux RPG – Newcomers to the world of Malifaux try to embrace or defy the fate that’s been dealt them as they explore and seek their destinies.

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