Night's Black Agents

Elevator Pitch: Like the Bourne series, if the villains were Vampire’s Camarilla.


Characters play retired or burned spies working in the seedy underbelly of Europe’s intelligence systems, who stumble upon a secret conspiracy on a massive scale, whose biggest secret is that it’s actually run by vampires secretly manipulating the world from the shadows. Now in order to survive, they’ll have to investigate and bring down the world’s largest conspiracy while dodging threats both natural and supernatural and trying to figure out how to kill the undead.

Night’s Black Agents modifies the base Gumshoe system to better fit the narrative flow of the thriller, making the beats more frantic and the action more intense. In addition to offering Cherries, specialized benefits for people who invest deeply into their general skills, it also adds the Preparedness ability, allowing characters to retroactively define something they’d set up to give themselves an edge. In addition, characters have new options for refreshing those desperately needed general abilities, ranging from the techno-thriller monologue to cashing in investigative abilities for an edge. And, of course, because the agents’ teamwork and training is the main thing standing between them and a set of fangs in their necks, it also adds a set of mechanics for practiced maneuvers when setting up operations.


[S]entries (Night’s Black Agents main book)

A simple job proves to be anything but, plunging the agents into a world that turns out to be much darker than even they’d ever imagined.

Getting the Game

You can get the book, PDF, or both from the Pelgrane Press website. You can also get the PDF from DriveThruRPG.

Night's Black Agents

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